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News flash: You can have a messy house and still be a good parent.
Crazy, we know
But according to one viral TikTok video this week, not everyone’s on board with this idea.
In a clip that’s divided ‘MomTok’, an influencer divided opinion by giving a tour of her house in disarray.
Mom of two Taylor Paul shared the controversial clip that now has 18.2 million views and 20k likes. 
She is typically known for her aspirational parenting content on Instagram – think matching family outfits, a pristine house and holidays involving luxury resorts and private jets.
But her TikTok is a lot less aesthetically pleasing, offering a behind-the-scenes peek into the realities of life with two little ones.
In this clip, the mom starts the house tour by saying, “Your room is a reflection of your mind”, before showing her husband and son sitting on the couch surrounded by mess. There are blankets on the rug and lots of bags and random piles of stuff around on the furniture and floors.
Taylor then takes viewers into the kitchen where things… escalate.
There’s a highchair with food still on it, clothes strewn across the floor and the island bench is nowhere to be seen (it’s completely covered).
Moving over to her daughter’s room, a similar ‘floordrobe’ is seen, along with toys thrown everywhere. 
Her and her husband’s bedroom is equally as messy, and her daughter can be seen sitting on their unmade bed.
A trail of stuff leads us into the bathroom, where Taylor shows herself in the mirror, surrounded by makeup and hair products scattered on the counter. 
Opinions were divided as viewers shared their thoughts.
“My OCD right now can’t,” one wrote. 
“My anxiety hit the ceiling,” said another.
A third added, “This is disgusting and plain lazy.”
And a few suggested Taylor do some outsourcing, writing, “Yeah no. Might be time to ask for help?” and “Please clean up or let someone else do it for you. It will only get worse.”
One viewer was harsher, telling the mom, “Really not hard to put things back after using them.”
Amongst the criticism, there were also voices of support.
“This made me feel so much better,” a viewer wrote. “I feel like influencers only post when their house is perfect looking, and it makes me feel like I’m failing as a mom.
“It really does get like that sometimes and it only takes very little time to get this way.”
Others agreed, with one writing, “This is so real, thanks for your vulnerability. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Being a mom is hard and sometimes the house just gets put on the back burner. You’re an amazing mom.”
Gratitude for sharing was popular:
“Thank you for posting this, this is exactly how mine look sometimes too, I literally work seven days a week.”
“From one momma to another, I feel so seen and not alone. Just thank you.”
While others simply reserved judgment in support: “People are quick to judge people’s life… girl, just do you, I’m here for it.”


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