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You only need three ingredients!
The holiday party season is ramping up. After a few years of virtual get-togethers, you may have received some invites to in-person parties this year, which call for a festive dish or two to share. The foodie side of TikTok is loving a unique new dessert inspired by your Christmas tree, and here’s how to make chocolate pine cones from TikTok if you want to get in on the hype. These sweet treats are not only easy to make, but totally Insta-worthy as well.
Almost every holiday party you attend will have a charcuterie board, gingerbread cookies, and something Christmas tree-shaped. However, hardly any will have edible pine cones, making them a unique must to whip up for your next wintertime festivity. Whether you’re planning a White Elephant party or need Christmas tree decor tips, TikTok is the place to scroll, and it’s also become synonymous with finding the latest viral recipes to try. What makes a recipe popular on the video-sharing platform is that it has to be easy enough for a majority of TikTokers to try, delicious (duh), and picture-perfect. This chocolate pine cone recipe fits all three criteria, and it only requires three ingredients.
In order to make these easy chocolate pine cones, you’ll have to first assemble those three ingredients. According to TikToker @elektraps, here’s what you’ll need:
To begin, crush up your chocolate cookies in a blender or food processor. You want them to become like a powder that you can then mix together with the cream cheese to form your pine cone base. From there, you’ll create the pine cones by inserting the chocolate cereal into the base. You’ll want to start from the bottom and work your way around before moving up, and ta-da, you have your chocolate pinecone.
Place them into the fridge, and when it’s time to serve, sprinkle on a bit of powdered sugar. This will give your pine cones a fresh, snow-covered look.
A different way to create your pine cone base is to make cake pops with chocolate cake and frosting. This is what TikToker @albulena.januzi does instead. The steps are basically the same for this easy recipe — you’ll just be mixing together a pre-baked chocolate cake with some frosting and molding that into your pine cones. However, you’ll still insert your chocolate cereal pieces to create the pine cone look.
While cereal like Cocoa Pebbles and Chocolate Cheerios will work just fine, the best cereal for your pine cones is one that is shaped like a disc. Something like Nestle Koko Krunch or Chocapic is your best bet. You could even use almonds for a chocolate and almond pinecone.
Oreo lovers will be excited to hear that you can use Oreos for your crushed up cookies. Another option is to put a sponge cake, mascarpone cheese, and Nutella in a bowl, and mix that up to create your pine cones. If you know that no one is allergic to peanut butter at your party, mix together melted chocolate, caramel, butter, and peanut butter in a bowl for another chocolate pine cone recipe. Just let your mixture chill in the fridge after you combine it so it’s easier to mold into your base.
Inserting the cereal into your pine cones may take some time, so make these holiday treats with your besties while watching your fave movies, like The Holiday or Elf. With all your pine cones assembled and covered in powdered sugar, they’ll be looking mighty pine for all of your holiday party snaps.
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