How to have a hit on TikTok changed in 2022 –

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to compare this year’s massive TikTok successes to last year’s. Our friends at Souncloud’s Mussio dug deep into the data, and here is what they found.

by WILL BETTS from the MUSIIO Blog
It’s that time again. As the end of the year approaches, we must look in the rearview mirror and assess all that has been. 
With TikTok having just released its ‘Year on TikTok’ report, we’re digging into the data and comparing this year’s top 10 songs on the platform from the UK and US against last year to learn what was different about 2022. 
Could we learn about the state of our collective psyche from popular moods and genres? Find out below.
One of the most pronounced trends we see in 2022’s TikTok end-of-year playlist in both the UK and US is how much pop music is gaining ground against hip hop. Although hip hop remains the most popular genre in the top 10 this year, pop now makes up for about 20 per cent of genre tags in the short-form video platform’s top 10. That increase in pop genres is down to tracks from Lizzo, the Encanto Cast and Nicky Youre. 
As we see even greater adoption of TikTok, with app downloads surpassing three billion, tastes align more strongly with Billboard chart trends. One reason could be that major labels are taking TikTok even more seriously than ever in 2022 for marketing. 
Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’ (Atlantic/Warner) and Encanto’s ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ (Walt Disney Records) saw TikTok Creators using those tracks. ‘About Damn Time’ even got its own dance trend thanks to creator Jaeden Gomez. 
TikTok has carved out a place in the public consciousness where you can go for pure escapism. And you need only look at the average number of viewing hours to see that it works. The data shows that users are watching more and more videos with positive songs as the backing track. This does make you wonder whether TikTok is increasingly becoming a place that users are coming for a boost in seratonin throughout the day.
Why would even more of the most popular tracks in the UK be positive? Well, it could be that us Brits need more positive escapism than our American cousins in the face of startling headlines and economic recession.
Indeed. How could we forget the world’s most streamed artist? Fascinatingly, his music doesn’t make it into the top 10 most listened-to tracks on TikTok in the US or UK. He does feature in TikTok’s ‘Around The World’ playlist, alongside fellow Latin star Cris Mj and the unexpected viral hit ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ by Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux. But despite his massive international streaming appeal, he hasn’t dethroned English-language acts in these two territories.
In summary, the key takeaways for your next meeting when you’re discussing music that has popped on Tiktok are: 
1. Tempos between 100-109 are best 
2. Music has to be positive
3. Playful and confident moods are standing out
4. Hip hop is as dominant as ever, but pop is climbing
Come back next week when we’ll look at how the biggest movies of 2022 sounded.
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