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An 83-year-old Dubliner has described himself as ‘everyone’s grandad’ after going viral on his granddaughter’s TikTok account.
Billy Kennedy has been heavily featured in his granddaughter Aine’s TikTok — with followers loving his antics from ziplining in Amsterdam to dancing and following the app’s latest trends.
As a result, Aine’s account exploded in popularity — gaining almost 40,000 followers and a whopping 3.5million likes on TikTok. And with this, Billy has said that he hopes he’s ‘everyone’s granddad’ as a result of his online popularity.
‘I hope I’m popular with all my grandchildren,’ Billy told the Irish Independent. ‘I’ve 15 of them. It’d be nice to think that I’m everyone’s grandad on TikTok. I’d go into the shops and be recognised.
‘I spend too long on TikTok,’ he added. ‘Every night, I could be on it for two hours. I watch everything. I’ve a sister-in-law who’s not well, so I send her the funnies and she loves them.’
Despite being 83, Billy said that he’s still a teenager at heart — adding ‘I still think I’m 16, but I’m not. I always wanted to go to Amsterdam, and I did. It was great.’
‘I was having drinks with my two granddaughters and this lady came over and told me to be careful with them,’ he joked. ‘It was so funny; she saw an old man with two young ones. I had to go back and tell her they were my grandchildren.’
The latest video showing Billy’s antics was the ‘turning my grandad into me’ challenge — where Billy wore Aine’s clothes and was even given a ponytail with hair extensions.
The video was another hit, getting over 3,000 likes — with people thinking Billy’s style was hilarious as the video was fun.
‘No stop he’s so cute,’ one commented, while another said that he ‘absolutely slayed.’ Others couldn’t get over the ponytail, with one commenting ‘I’m not sure I will recover from seeing Billy with the pony tail!’
To check out Aine’s TikTok, where Billy is a regular guest, you can do so by clicking HERE.
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