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TikTok users are sharing their highlights from the past year with the viral 2022 bingo card — here’s how to try this trend out for yourself.
The end of every year sees a whole new host of trends go viral on TikTok, and in many of them, the focus is on recapping the past year of their lives for their followers.
This includes things like the ‘Dating Wrapped’ trend that went viral at the end of 2022, which saw people reveals the highs and lows of their dating life from the past year.
One trend that’s doing the round now 2023 has begun is the 2022 bingo card. The card, created by ixlogo.official who has over 360,000 followers on TikTok, allows users to check off the things they have done in the past year.
This includes things such as, “made some new friends,” and “attended a concert,” as well as “cried” and had your “heart broken.”
There are other versions of the 2022 bingo card floating around, but this seems to be a particularly popular one.
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To get the 2022 bingo card on TikTok and fill it out for yourself, all you have to do is head to ixlogo.official’s TikTok account to find the video containing the original template.
If you have the feature available, press and hold the screen of the video, and select ‘Clear mode’ from the pop-up menu. This should allow you to easily screenshot the full image of the bingo card.
Once you’ve screenshotted the image, use an editing app or a platform such as Snapchat to draw on the card, and check off the things you’ve done.
Then, you can upload your completed bingo card to TikTok or other social media platforms to see how many you’ve checked off, and compare with your friends.


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