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BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — Following the release earlier this month of a video on TikTok that showed a tense exchange among Morgan County deputies and at least two men during an arrest, Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer says the incident is being investigated by an independent agency.
The video purportedly shows incidents related to an incident Dec. 3 at the Troubadour Lounge.  The original poster asked TikTok to “do its thing” in posting the video, which appeared to be removed for a time but is back up.
Bohrer told The Panhandle News Network this week he had requested an investigation into the matter “by an independent agency to be totally transparent and thorough.”
Bohrer said the issue will be ”thoroughly and impartially investigated” and asked for patience during the investigation.
“As in any investigation it takes time to gather all the facts,” Bohrer said.
Bohrer also told the Panhandle News Network his officers did have body cameras.

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