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TEEN Mom fans have spotted a clue in one of Kailyn Lowry's TikTok videos that they think confirms she welcomed a fifth child.
The former MTV star has been playing coy when asked about the child in recent weeks, but she appeared to let something slip on the video-sharing app.
Amid buzz about Kailyn possibly giving birth to her fifth child, the star took to TikTok to share a new video.
In it, she appeared to be doing hand motions along with a song.
At one point, the words "How many bd do you have?" flashed before the screen as she held up three fingers.
Then, the text changed to read, "Who are you with?" as she held up one finger but mouthed the words, "Not one."
Kailyn is known to have four children, whom she shares with exes Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin, and Chris Lopez.
She is rumored to have conceived and possibly even birthed a fifth child with boyfriend Elijah Scott.
On a Teen Mom message board, a fan drudged up an old video from 2021, in which Kailyn again joked about her baby daddies, noting that she does not refer to Javi by that term, instead focusing on him being her one and only ex-husband.
Fans on the site suggest that by that logic, she may be referring to another man – possibly Elijah – as one of her baby daddies.
Teen Mom fans were split on the matter, with some calling it "a reach," and others seeing potential in the theory.
One fan wrote: "Ok but I remember her being weird about having 'only' two BD's because Javi was her ex-husband, and now she's touting three…. may be a reach to some, but I see you! lol."
Another noted: "She keeps saying she has three baby daddies now."
A third wrote: "I love you for finding this. She's so weird with her technicalities and redefinitions."
A fourth commenter added: "Good catch! She's said before that Javi doesn't count as a baby daddy since they were married."
Someone else pointed out, however: "She's called Javi a baby daddy before. She just changes from time to time depending on her mood."
Another skeptic seemed to agree, writing: "Wouldn't she say three and an ex-husband then?"
Amid the speculation, Kailyn shared a rare full-body photo seemingly in an attempt to dispel pregnancy rumors.
Instead, it added fuel to the fire with fans saying she was finally showing her full body after seemingly hiding her midsection for months while fans speculated that she was expecting.
The TV personality sported black leggings and a shirt from her new merch line, a black tee with the words: "Team Kail."
Kailyn smiled brightly in the pics, showing off her full-glam makeup and her hair styled in beachy waves.
The mother of four added a quote to the end of her post directed toward her haters reading: "Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."
Fans flocked to the comments with both compliments and theories as the MTV star showed off her full body in the rare post.
"Oohhh now she’s doing full body photo shoots..?" one wrote in surprise.
"Wow, she went from self-described obese to thinner, quite quickly," a second noticed.
A third remarked: "I see you had the baby," while a fourth guessed: "Surgery or baby. its one of them."
"I love that you’re not addressing anything. One thing trolls hate is when you give them absolutely no attention! Real growth! #TeamKail," a final gushed.
Rumors about the Teen Mom 2 star being pregnant with her fifth child began circulating online months ago.
Many fans were convinced that the mother-of-four was hiding a pregnancy after a photo of her coming out of a convenience store surfaced in September.
In the photos, the television personality appeared to have a baby bump under her T-Shirt.
Since then theories surrounding Kailyn's "secret" pregnancy have been prominent in online threads.
The star herself has largely brushed off the chatter.
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