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At the point when you begin utilizing TikTok, you’re requested a profile name and a username. Assuming that you’ve been involving TikTok for some time, however, it wouldn’t be uncommon to conclude that you need to transform one or both. Maybe you utilized your genuine name and didn’t know at first that your name would be unveiled. Or on the other hand maybe the name you initially picked is at this point not exactly ideal for the kind of satisfied you will post. Or on the other hand maybe you essentially concluded that you need to be known by something seriously energizing.
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One way or another, it’s easy to change either your profile name or your username. (In TikTok, the username is the one gone before by a @ sign.)
Go to your profile page (by tapping the Profile symbol in the lower-right corner).
Select Alter profile.
Type in your new name. (On account of your username, recollect that should be exceptional.)
Alter profile page
You can change names on the Alter profile page.
username screen
You can change your username once like clockwork.
There are a few different things you should know about before you change your username. In the first place, your username must be changed once like clockwork, so ensure it’s one you can reside with, basically for that period. What’s more, assuming you change your username, that implies you’ll be additionally changing your own TikTok URL (which is typically through something like Accordingly, anybody who attempts to utilize the more seasoned address will never again see your recordings. Lastly, in the event that you have a checked record and change your username, that record is not generally confirmed.

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