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CHILLING videos have surfaced from the social media account of the alleged killer in the case of Athena Strand.
The seven-year-old was reported missing from her house in Paradise, Texas on Wednesday, November 30.
As The U.S. Sun previously reported, Athena was last seen at around 5.00pm after being dropped off from school at around 4.30pm.
Her stepmother noticed she was missing after being unable to find her when returning home at 6.40pm.
The following day, law enforcement issued an AMBER alert, and police identified 31-year-old FedEx driver Tanner Lynn Horner as a suspect soon after.
Tragically, on Friday, December 2, Athena's body was discovered by Wise County police and the FBI only about six miles from her house.
Horner allegedly confessed to the kidnapping and the killing of Athena and is said to have been charged with capital murder and kidnapping.
Amid the ongoing situation, videos have surfaced from Horner's TikTok account under the username tandlaw777, with one bug-killing video that's sure to make some feel unsettled.
On Horner's page, there are only four posts.
The oldest video involves his reaction to a suggestive video about hand placement, to which he jests about wiping his behind.
The next oldest is another reaction to a TikTok trend, and the second-most recent is similar to that.
However, the latest video from November 4 features the cruel killing of a bug trapped under glass.
Horner reacts with his eyes wide as another video is played where someone uses a spray on a bug that's trapped under a drinking glass, slowly killing it.
Considering the events that transpired only weeks after the posting of this video, Horner watching what is seemingly an innocent creature become slowly killed has likely been upsetting for many.
There are comments all over every single one of Horner's TikTok videos, including the bug video, from Americans and Texans who appear to be outraged.
"I’m sick to my stomach," said one TikToker.
"This is the face of a Killer!!!!!" claimed another.
Although, it is Athena's family and the police officers who were part of the search to find her that are suffering the most from what ensued.
Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin explained in a press conference that it may have been the toughest investigation during his career.
"It's one of the toughest investigations I've ever been involved in because it's a child," Akin said.
"Any time there's a child that dies, it just hits you in your heart. You compare that child to your own children when they were at that age," he continued.
The FBI allegedly confirmed to police that Athena had died only an hour after being kidnapped on November 30.
FedEx has also made an official comment regarding the case and their contracting of Horner.
"Words cannot describe our shock and sorrow at the reports surrounding this tragic event," the company noted.
"First and foremost, our thoughts are with the family during this most difficult time, and we continue to cooperate fully with the investigating authorities. At this time, any further questions should be directed to law enforcement.”
The U.S. Sun has reached out to FedEx for further comment on the matter.
This continues to be a developing case, with officials and the family awaiting an autopsy report in the coming days to confirm how it was that Athena passed.
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