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BTS’ Jung Kook and V, fondly known as Taekook, threw ARMYs off the rails after surprisingly dropping the Run BTS dance challenge on November 27.
BIGHIT MUSIC posted a TikTok video on the septet’s viral song, Run BTS, with ARMYs’ famous unit: Jung Kook and V. It quickly took over Twitter trends as fans celebrated the duo’s interaction which are hard to come by.
The credits interested the fans more, as they mentioned that V had directed the challenge while Jung Kook edited it.
The Run BTS TikTok challenge started off with member j-hope. Fans were then treated to another popular subunit interaction, Yoonmin, aka SUGA and Jimin’s challenge.
Taekook is the latest in the series. The pattern suggests that the septet decided to gift fans a dance video in their favorite pairs. Namjin, or RM and Jin, another popular duo, will possibly be the last to post their dance video.
In 2020, Taekook, aka BTS members Jung Kook and V, posted a selfie that sent the internet into meltdown. The reason behind it was that the duo last uploaded a picture together in 2017. Although the duo have been consistent in treating fans to at least one selca (a Korean slang for selfie) per year since then, their interactions together always make ARMYs go wild.
On November 27, fans witnessed another Taekook interaction that swept them off their feet. The duo took over the Run BTS challenge and danced in the background of a setting sun. The video included neon motion graphics and was edited by the Euphoria singer.
Seeing Taekook, even though only in silhouette, opened a floodgate of emotional fan tweets. Along with the duo’s subunit name, phrases ‘Directed by V’ and ‘Edited by Jungkook’ began trending with over 40k tweets too.
Many ARMYs took trips down memory lane and posted about the rare few interactions they had the chance to witness.
Take a look at some of these fans’ reactions to Taekook’s Run BTS dance challenge video below:
Possibly the most famous subunit in BTS, maknae line members Jung Kook and V have a huge fan-follow. Curiosity and enthusiasm to see them together keeps on increasing due to the dearth of content released by the two idols together. They rarely upload selfies or hold livestreams, making fans yearn for them.
When there is extremely little content to live by, even the smallest of interactions becomes celebratory for the ARMY fandom. The duo recently went viral when V commented only emojis on Jung Kook’s sparring clip. They then again trended on social media and even made headlines after posting their sparring videos.
Moments of Taekook showing off their close friendship are hard to come by, but whenever they do, ARMYs make sure to note it down in their history books. The latest Run BTS TikTok dance challenge is one of them.
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