Dad shares ‘game changer’ tip on TikTok which removes mould and condensation – Manchester Evening News

It stops condensation, damp and mould building up in your home
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As the weather turns colder during the winter months you may notice more condensation at home, especially on windows. This can lead to problems such as damp and mould and it can be hard to stay on top of it.
Condensation can cause expensive damage to your home and it can even have an impact on your health. Many of us will be looking for ways to combat condensation as the cold weather hits.
One dad has shared a hack for those who are struggling with damp and mould in their homes. TikTok user Willmill19 revealed the ‘game changer’ tip which has put an end to mould in his home, LiverpoolEcho reports.
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He said that since installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit in his loft “mould never returned”. In the video, the TikTok user showed areas of his Victorian property that were previously affected by damp.
The dad said: "I used to have a dehumidifier and tried all of those little tricks with mould remover. But last winter I installed a PIV unit up in the loft.
"It takes filtered air from the loft and just has a constant blast of filtered air that comes out. That slight bit of filtered air will make the house ever so slightly positive pressure and constantly ventilates our house."
PIV units can range in cost with some available for £297.99 to £399.99 when searched online. However, TikTok users claim the product is "well worth the price".
One person wrote: "My partner installed one in my Victorian house three years ago, it's definitely the best £400 I've ever spent."
Another user added: "My partner fitted a PIV in our old stone cottage because our bedroom walls would be dripping in the mornings. GAME CHANGER."
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