Jungkook goes viral on TikTok after his World Cup performance and starts a new viral dance trend with his “Dreamers” dance break – allkpop



Jungkook’s performance of “Dreamers” has gone viral on all social media platforms in every country across the world, garnering huge excitement and buzz among fans and locals.

On TikTok, his performance went viral immediately after it was aired, with videos gaining millions of views and likes within minutes.

One of the best parts of the performance was Jungkook’s high-energy, powerful dance break that people are going crazy over. He looked incredible as he executed each move to perfection.

Jungkook once again lived up to his reputation as an impactful trendsetter. Soon after Jungkook’s performance, many TikTokers flooded the app with their rendition of his viral dance break. More and more people are doing the trend now and gaining millions of views and likes.

Dancers and choreographers of the FIFA World Cup performance who danced with Jungkook at the opening ceremony are also posting their videos of them doing the trend.

One TikToker has also posted a step-by-step slow-motion tutorial of Jungkook’s dance break choreography to make it easier for others to follow, and the video gained 2M views in 2 days.

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