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Loadouts in Warzone are extremely similar to the original game.
Proximity chat has provided plenty of laughs in Warzone 2, and a TikTok revealed players using the new feature to dance together.
Warzone 2 introduces a laundry list of new features. Gulag 2.0AI enemies, and a new backpack system reinvigorated the battle royale, but nothing drew more attention than proximity chat. Squads can hear and communicate with enemy teams using the new in-game communication system.
It didn’t take long for players to get creative using the new innovation. CouRage tricked enemies into trusting him, stream snipers were caught, and one player even started their own Uber service.
Proximity chat opens doors of opportunity for players to role-play and step away from the action once in a while.
While the feature can sometimes be toxic, there are plenty of instances of community building. A perfect example is a player bringing temporary peace to the battlefield by dancing with enemy teams.
CoD TikToker JhbTeam used proximity chat and orchestrated a cha-cha slide flash dance during a Warzone 2 game.
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The TikToker did his best to choreograph the dance, but it quickly became apparent that some players needed to work on their left and right.
However, one participant towards the middle of the dance crew nailed every move and should consider competing in Dancing with the Stars.
It’s impossible not to smile watching the video, as you can hear players laughing while dancing together. Moments like these separate Warzone 2 from its predecessor and other battle royale games.
Players will point to new gameplay additions for changing WZ2, but proximity chat has stolen the show. The feature makes the battle royale more accessible, light-hearted, and an overall more memorable experience.


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