I won't buy anything advertised on TikTok after receiving 'crazy' clothes – New York Post

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No hood, no good.
An incensed TikToker is vowing to never buy anything advertised on the platform again after allegedly getting fleeced by what could be a viral sweatshirt scam.
A video PSA detailing the supposed couture-based catfishing boasts more than 228,000 views.
According to the clip, outraged Tokfluencer @okaymoriah allegedly purchased a Ghostface crewneck and hoodie from Joycelike for $60 in October after seeing the clothes advertised on TikTok.
The macabre garments are inspired by the iconic phone scene from the 1996 horror parody “Scream,” with one item bearing the phrase, “No, you hang up.”
“I kept seeing the same ad, so I was like, you know what? Impulse decision. I bought it,” explained Moriah Edwards, who runs the eponymous online jewelry shop Moriah’s Jewels.
Unfortunately, what she allegedly received in the mail was a far cry from her original order. In the clip, Edwards holds up the first item, which is orange, rather than the red shown in the ad. The “No, you hang up” tag line reads “No, you hang our,” according to the TikToker.
To make matters worse, she said the hoodie she received didn’t have a hood. She lamented that both articles seemed to be made of cheap materials.
“The way I’m about to get my money back is crazy,” vowed Edwards, who didn’t detail exactly how she was going to get refunded by the alleged fauxshionistas.
The Post reached out to Edwards, TikTok and Joycelike for comment.
A Google search for Joycelike reviews yields the site Scam Adviser, which gives the company a “very low trust score.”
Unfortunately, this may not be the only social media sartorial scam.
TikTokers have aired the dirty laundry of other online clothing firms, accusing them of either not sending the purchases or mailing them low-rent versions of what was advertised.


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