Hair expert warns against viral TikTok Dyson Airwrap hairspray hack –

Your hair won’t thank you for following a new viral trend.
If you follow #beautytok, you might have seen a trick using the coveted Dyson Airwrap doing the rounds.
It involves using hairspray while also using the appliance for ultra-defined waves.
The hack produces results fast – but Nicole Petty, a hair expert from Milk + Blush, warns this isn’t wise for your hair health.
She says: ‘TikTok is home to over 10 billion hair hacks, with some more helpful than others. 
‘One hack that has gone viral recently is the Dyson Airwrap hack, which sees users applying hairspray to their hair while it’s still on the device to achieve picture-perfect curls. 
‘While this might be effective, there are a number of reasons why this could be dangerous.’
cannot find the vid i saw where a girl sprayed her #dysonairwrap with #hairspray while it was still on the barrel but wherever and whoever u r, just know i love u?❤️ #curlinghair #hairtutorials
Firstly, the Airwrap instructions say you shouldn’t use any lubricants, cleaning agents, polishes or air fresheners on any part of the appliance.
These can clog the air vents, which could cause a decline in the vacuum’s suction power. 
If you’ve spent as much as £499.99 on the much-loved appliance, you won’t want to do anything to potentially damage its performance.
‘But it’s not just the device itself that you should be concerned about when it comes to this hack,’ Nicole warns.
‘Using hairspray before applying heat to your hair is never a good idea.
‘As hairspray contains alcohol, applying heat after adding it to your hair will only dry it out more and result in it looking and feeling lacklustre. 
‘Instead, to maintain hair health when using heat tools, always apply a heat protectant spray prior to use to avoid causing damage to the hair’s cuticle. 
‘And while it’s not recommended to use hairspray prior to curling, there’s nothing wrong with using it afterwards.’
You can still achieve hold this way, but without risking your hair health so much.
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Nicole’s tip for sorting out fly-away strands is to put ‘hairspray on a bobby pin before placing it upside down for extra grip.’
She adds: ‘Or, for a sleek up-do, spray a light layer over your hair and brush from root to crown using the end of a clean, unused toothbrush to banish those flyaway baby hairs.
‘To avoid any problems getting hairspray out, try adding a hair oil or conditioning spray to your hair before application.’
The Airwrap delivers on its own – so why bother tampering with it, damaging both your device and hair?
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