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Tommy, a gigantic Brown Swiss ox named after former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, has a huge following on TikTok and his owners on a farm in Western Massachusetts say they’re happy that their videos are bringing joy to people all over the world.
“He just kept getting bigger and bigger,” said Tommy’s owner, Laurie Cuevas, of the 6-foot tall, 3,000-pound ox.
“He’s getting a little bit older now so he’s not quite as heavy as he used to be, but we figured he was about 3,000 pounds,” she added.
It was after Cuevas posted a video of Tommy on TikTok that her massive ox went viral.
“He’s very kind and calm,” she said of the ox.
The most viral video she posted has racked up more than 14 million views — and counting.
The best part for Cuevas, she says, is making people smile.
“The more joy that I see that it gives to people, the better it makes me feel,” she said. “How could I not share?”
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