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This comfort dinner is “basically lasagna’s cousin.”
Pasta is a fail-proof weeknight dinner that’ll always leave you full and satisfied, and the foodie side of TikTok is the best place to find trending pasta recipes. We’ve seen baked dishes like Honeycomb Pasta and Feta Pasta go viral, as well as out-of-the-box inspo like Lasagna Soup and even Pasta Chips. TikTok’s proven that just when you thought a classic couldn’t be upgraded, it can be made into something totally new after you switch a few ingredients around. Case in point: there’s a Million Dollar Spaghetti recipe trending on TikTok right now and it might inspire you to switch up your go-to pasta. If a cross between classic spaghetti and lasagna sounds mouthwatering, you’ll want to add this recipe to your rotation.
@bestfriendsforfrosting posted the dish and describes it as “basically lasagna’s cousin.” The steps to making lasagna are the same here, like layering sauce, pasta noodles, and cheese, and then baking it in the oven for a gooey, golden crust. The million-dollar twist is that instead of layering with flat lasagna noodles, you use a mound of spaghetti instead. The result is a saucy, creamy casserole-like spaghetti scoop you can serve up for the whole fam as a comfort food meal on a cold night.
This recipe only requires five simple ingredients, which makes it super easy to elevate with your favorite mix-ins. You can pretty much add anything you would usually put in a lasagna, like Italian sausage for a meaty bite, or you could throw in tons of spinach to get a dose of greens. You can also keep it vegetarian by adding hearty eggplant or use alternative meat crumbles. If you really want to put your chef hat on, you can prepare the entire recipe from scratch to really honor the fresh Italian flavors, by making your own marinara from tomatoes and homemade pasta dough. However you do your pasta night, make sure to garnish with fresh basil and serve up with a side of crusty bread to wipe your bowl clean. Here’s the recipe for Million Dollar Spaghetti from TikTok to shake up your weekly pasta night.
Here’s what you’ll need:
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