TikTok user entombs bag of Cheetos to be opened in 10,000 years – The Guardian

Meme artist @Sunday.nobody builds $1,200 sarcophagus for cheesy snack ‘for future civilizations to find’
A small bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos has been sealed in an elaborate, 3,000lb, concrete sarcophagus with a gold leaf headstone “for future civilizations to find” by a 28-year-old TikTok user who says “there’s nothing else I’d really want to spend my money on” other than completing a project of this nature.
Meme artist @Sunday.nobody, based in Seattle, Washington, said on the TikTok social media video platform that everything about the sarcophagus had been designed and built from scratch, including the exterior moldings and the headstone that lists the Cheetos ingredients.
The entire construction, he said, was designed to ensure that the bag of snacks, cast in resin and suspended by wires, would survive for thousands of years.
“Twenty-one-hundred pounds of concrete and a bunch of random bruises later”, it was done, he told Insider. Once constructed, he dyed the sarcophagus black, used his car to flip over its 900lb headstone and subsequently buried his construction in a burial plot marked: “Historical artifact buried below. Do not open for 10,000 years. Year buried 2022.”
The four-month construction process has gone viral and been viewed more than 10m times since it was posted on 6 November.
@Sunday.nobody, whose previous works include a “21st-century religious manuscript” that is a transcript of the movie Shrek dictated by a robot, has said the project cost him $1,200 – a sum he saved over two years from his job as an animator.
Finding the accumulation of money lacking, he began the project “because there’s nothing else I’d really want to spend my money on”. He added: “I’d rather sell myself to my job rather than sell my art to people. I don’t really want to be a salesperson.”


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