Passenger's reclined plane seat in TikTok video reawakens debate: 'Bane of my existence' – New York Post

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A TikTok video has again sparked the reclined seat debate after a viral moment showed one man’s reclined airplane seat angling over the tray behind him during mealtime.
Henry and Mike Budrewicz of Boston shared the nine-second clip to their joint TikTok account – The Pointer Brothers – which has a following of 1.4 million.
Set to a sped-up song cover of the band Echosmith’s hit debut single “Cool Kids,” the video appears to show the plane’s not-so-roomy seat row.
“5-hour flight home… is this the most reclined seat in the history of aviation,” The Pointer Brothers wrote in the on-screen text.
In a panning shot from the aisle seat, one of the Budrewicz brothers can be seen looking straight ahead and slightly leaning forward while his packaged meal remains untouched and the passenger in front of him appears to be relaxed.
The video has been viewed more than 4.4 million times since being posted on Oct. 19, and it has racked up more than 165,500 likes and 3,330 comments.
Fox News Digital reached out to The Pointer Brothers for comment.
TikTok users expressed their thoughts on reclined plane seats in the comment section of the viral video.
People seemed to be divided on whether passengers should or shouldn’t recline.
“People who recline their seats in economy are the bane of my existence,” one user wrote.
“Why is the passenger at fault for using a feature the airline created??” another user questioned.
“Out of respect for the person behind me, I never recline,” a different user commented.
“A reclined seat in economy really doesn’t make that much difference to comfort,” one user argued. “People just like to be entitled and be selfish.”
A recent travel survey published by The Vacationer – a New Jersey-based travel news outlet that offers reviews, guides, and tips – found that 77.32% of American adults (more than 199 million) think it’s rude to fully recline a plane seat.
While millions of Americans say they find reclining on planes rude, it appears not everyone is shying away from the comfort feature.
About 31.33% – 81 million American adults – think fully reclining is rude but still do it and about 3.46% – nearly nine million American adults – think fully reclining is rude and they recline without warning the passenger behind them, according to The Vacationer’s survey.
Approximately 27.87% of American adults say they “politely ask” the passenger behind them if it’s OK before they recline their seat, the survey claims. 
Less than half of American adults – 45.99% – reportedly avoid reclining their seats because they find it rude, according to The Vacationer.
Last month, Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert based in Florida and a former flight attendant, spoke with Fox News Digital on the issue of reclined seats.
Most airplane seats were designed to recline to offer more comfort to passengers, especially on long flights,” Whitmore said, “So travelers have the right to recline their seats.”
Whitmore added that there are considerations. She also offered five tips for those who are preparing to recline an airplane seat. Read those tips here.


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