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By C Mandler
/ CBS News
TikTok will increase the minimum age requirement for livestreaming from 16 to 18 beginning on Nov. 23, and it will soon allow users to target adult audiences with stream content. The changes are part of the social media giant’s efforts to improve community safety.
“The foundation of TikTok is built on community trust and safety,” TikTok said on Monday. “To protect our users and creators and support their well-being, we constantly work to evolve the safeguards we put in place.”
Currently, any user over the age of 16 with at least 1,000 followers is able to host a TikTok livestream, or LIVE. Users who are 18 years old or older are also able to send and receive tips, allowing users to earn gratuities for their content.
The new adult audience feature for livestreaming is intended to “protect the younger members of our community as they start and build their online presence,” TikTok said, citing adult comedy routines and sensitive story content that would be better suited for users above the age of 18.
TikTok said it will add updated keyword features to further improve livestream safety.
“LIVE creators can already use our keyword filtering tool to limit comments they feel aren’t appropriate,” the social media company said. “In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out an updated version of this feature that will send a reminder to people and suggest new keywords they may want to consider adding to their filter list.”
TikTok also announced a new multi-guest LIVE experience, which will allow up to five others to join a user’s livestream, and has already been rolled out on the app. 
“We have a vibrant and inspiring community on TikTok, and it’s important that our platform remains a safe, supportive, and joyful place for our community,” TikTok said.
TikTok, which originated China, has gained immense popularity since its debut in North America in 2017. As of August, more than two thirds of American teenagers have used TikTok, according to Pew Research data. The app has even been utilized by American politicians in electoral campaigns, prompting TikTok to ban campaign fundraising on the platform. 
C Mandler is a social media producer and trending content writer in New York, focusing on LGBTQ+ issues.
First published on October 19, 2022 / 6:34 PM
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