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Where people spend their time online is always changing. The freshest generation of internet users is flocking to TikTok while other sites falter. The influx of users has the social media platform launching guides to help businesses reach potential customers, including helping auto dealers.
The Auto Dealers Playbook gives dealers a thorough overview of the platform, its various marketing tools, and how to utilize them to convert TikTok users into car-buying customers. The guide opens by talking about the platform’s enormous reach and influence, with users spending “a movie’s worth of time daily” in the app. That gives auto dealers numerous opportunities to reach potential customers, according to TikTok’s sale pitch. You can view the playbook here after supplying TikTok with an email. 
The key for auto dealers to reach customers is the content they create, and TikTok provides a list of best practices. The first reminds businesses that TikTok is a vertical video platform, so frame accordingly. It also suggests using sound, being concise and informative with overlaid text, including a call-to-action, riding the latest trends, and other tidbits of info anyone who has spent time in online marketing should be familiar with. The guide helps businesses learn TikTok’s quirks. 
TikTok also provides examples of dealers using the platform’s marketing and creative tools to create a wide range of content types like walkaround videos, reveals, inside looks, and more. However, one aspect the platform hammers home multiple times is community involvement. TikTok users are young, and they prefer purpose-driven companies.
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A lot of posting to social media involves trial and error as businesses craft a style that actually reaches the viewers and customers they want, and TikTok is no different. It gives businesses the backend tools to see how users are engaging with their content and how to improve their strategy with both organic and paid content. In-platform metrics that TikTok tracks include impressions, clicks, video views, and watch time.
Like most things on the internet, algorithms dictate what people see on social media, and the best way to reach them is with quality content. That’s a subjective metric, but TikTok does its best to assist dealers in navigating the platform, giving them the best opportunity to succeed. 
Source: TikTok via SocialMediaToday.com
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