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TikTokers are going viral with their videos recording themselves before and after googling the question “why were chainsaws invented?”
TikTok is known for its huge array of different trends that go viral on a regular basis, including everything from popular dances to bizarre effects and filters.
One trend that keeps popping up on the app involves users recording their reactions before and after googling a certain question. Past examples of this have included “how did Barney the Dinosaur die,” and “where does vanilla flavoring come from?”
The latest question to do the rounds on TikTok is “why were chainsaws invented?” — though this isn’t the first time that this question has caused a stir on the app.
People have garnered thousands of likes and views for their shocked reaction videos, prompting even more people to google the questions as the trend gets even bigger.
The chainsaw was reportedly originally invented to aid in childbirth.
According to the Pharmacy Times, prior to the common use of C-sections, a surgical procedure called the symphysiotomy was used during childbirth, during which: “The pubic symphysis, which is a joint above the vulva covered and connected by cartilage and reinforced by ligaments and tendons, is severed to widen the pelvis and make the childbirth process a bit more likely to occur.”
In the late 18th century, Scottish doctors John Aitken and James Jeffray then developed a prototype of a chainsaw for the purposes of this procedure. This version of the chainsaw was powered by a hand crank.
In the later 19th century the chainsaw was mechanized, and the mechanized chainsaw was later adopted by the timber industry in 1905.
This information has certainly shocked many TikTok users who googled the question as part of the viral trend, and many are garnering thousands of likes and views for their reactions.


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