Bringing a TikTok-style feed to the workplace, upskilling platform 5Mins scores $5.7 million –

London-based gamified learning platform aimed at employee upskilling, 5Mins has raised $5.7 million in a seed funding round. The capital is slated to be used used to further enhance the platform’s capabilities including skill analytics and API integrations as well as up the customer base numbers.
With low growth and development opportunities cited as the number one cause of employee churn, 5Mins is taking on the traditional corporate learning course market by leading the horse to the water and providing it in a way accustomed to the trail.
5Mins offers over 15,000 digestible lessons from some 150+ educators and coaches from around the globe teaching more than 100 technical skills and “power skills” for the workplace.
“Our mission is to help companies build a learning culture so their people can unlock their true potential and we have come a long way in a short period of time,” commented CEO and co-founder Saurav Chopra. “We are building the first global learning superapp that companies of all sizes can use to upskill everyone, improve employee retention and drive innovation.” 
5Mins’ $5.7 million funding round was led by AlbionVC with Chalfen Ventures, Portfolio Ventures, Blue Lion Global, and Edenred Capital Partners participating alongside a number of undisclosed angel investors.
“5Mins sits at the crossroads of two massive shifts: employee engagement on one side and ‘TikTokisation of everything’ on the other,” commented AlbionVC’s Nadine Torbey. “The impressive commercial momentum and next-level user engagement the company has been experiencing in a short amount of time is testament that the market is craving for more personalised, engaging learning tools.”
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