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If gift giving is your love language, listen up.
Whether you’ve been committed to a long-term partner and are looking to spice things up, or are newly loved up and looking for a unique bonding idea, there are plenty of reasons why you might be searching for date night inspiration. No matter what kind of date you’re looking for, TikTok likely has you covered. And, though there are plenty of stellar restaurant recommendations and adventurous outings you’ll find from searching “date night” on TikTok, the app also has plenty of great ideas for adding some fun to a date night in.
If you and your significant other are looking to be homebodies tonight – or, better yet, are hoping to simultaneously cross off some errands while spending time together – look no further. The “Target date night” trend is the perfect activity for you two.
Doubling as a friendly competition and couple’s quiz, the Target date night trend is perfect for any couple who loves useless shopping sprees. If you’re ready to add some simple fun to your next date night, here’s everything you need to know about the Target date night TikTok trend.
The Target date night trend seems to have been making rounds on TikTok since early 2021, but plenty of users have posted their own “Target challenge” videos in recent months. The tag #targetchallenge has 546.5 million views on TikTok and includes different variations of the trend.
The date night idea is fairly simple. Couples head to Target, grab two separate shopping carts, and pick out gifts for one another under several different categories. Some popular categories include your parter’s favorite snack, something that’s their favorite color, and something new to try together. For added stakes, some couples have set time limits and budgets – such as 30 minutes under $30.
Once couples have completed their runs, they check out separately and reveal their choices at home category by category.
One of the fun parts of this trend is that it shows couples how well they know one another, making it a simple way to add some extra thoughtfulness to your day or to learn something new about eachother. Plus, some couples’ reactions to the gift choices are particularly hilarious to watch. (Hey, some people’s love language doesn’t include gift-giving. And that’s okay.)
To do the Target date night trend, all you need to do is grab your partner (or your bestie if you want a platonic date night idea), and head to Target. Then, decide on your categories ahead of time. Some popular options include a favorite drink, something that reminds you of them, something they need, and something for the house.
Grab separate shopping carts, and, if you want to race, set a timer for 30 minutes. Set out looking for a gift from each category. Once you’ve compiled all of your gifts, head to the checkout and be sure to discretely bag your choices so that your partner can’t see them.
Once you’ve gotten home, unveil your gifts one by one. If you’re hoping to add your results to TikTok, be sure to record each other’s reactions.
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