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LSU coach Brian Kelly’s daughter didn’t hold back while calling out Florida fans during the Tigers’ 45-35 victory against the Gators on Saturday.
“Whoever said Florida fans suck, they were right. These guys are a–holes,” Grace said in a TikTok video that showed her standing on the sidelines in Gainesville. The video appears to be removed from her TikTok account.
Kelly then shared a separate video claiming that “butt hurt” Gators fans reported her initial video to TikTok’s community guidelines.
“Go Tigers,” she said, laughing.
It’s okay you got next year #lsu #geauxtigers
“It’s okay you got next year,” Kelly wrote in her caption.
In a separate TikTok video posted on Monday, Kelly addressed comments about her appearance.
“I just wanted to say to all you losers out here, you can hate me and my dad all you want, I don’t care, but please, stop saying that I look like Jay Leno,” said Kelly, who wore a purple LSU shirt.
Kelly is known for her social media posts defending the LSU Tigers.
The 5-2 Tigers host Ole Miss (7-0) on Saturday.
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