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Oct. 17 2022, Published 11:30 p.m. ET
Hailey Lujan, also known as @lunchbaglujan on TikTok, has a following of over 300,000. She’s also a psychological operations specialist for the U.S. Army.
Yes, you read that right. While she has been posting videos on TikTok for a while that range from chaotic thoughts to fashion hauls and makeup tutorials, she’s more recently been posting videos about the Army. These seem to have really picked up steam in the past month or so, which has led to some interesting internet theories… but we’ll get into that.

Hailey’s first Tiktok was of her doing the viral #sayso dance. She continued to post a plethora of random videos with seemingly no specific side of TikTok that she was targeting…

blue sweats again fuck great just great
stare at u
random shit i have in my cam roll
In the photo montage video, you can see her in a combat uniform as well as a helmet. She started to post more footage of her being in the Army, but still pretty sparingly compared to the rest of her videos.
this post abides by all Community Guidelines #cgi #fake #fakeeverything #educationalpurposes
Several of Hailey’s Army videos got over a million views, with the one above getting 3.3 million views, and nearly 550,000 likes. In an earlier video, she said that she has actually been in the army for three years, but that she just didn’t like talking about it.
Replying to @destiny.marie.1.2.3 having a sense of humor & enjoying creativity when you can afford it does not make u any less of a soldier ??
Is This E-Girl a Military Psyop? #lunchbaglujan #army #memes #egirl #egirls #psyop
The theory, as laid out by @knowyourmeme, is saying that the U.S. Army is using Hailey to try to get “simps” and “the dudes who reply to every picture of boobs with “OMG DM me” to enlist.
Thank me for my cervix ✔️
Hailey is even admitting it, or is at least poking fun at the theory, in the above TikTok.
Whether the U.S. Army is paying her to post or she’s doing it on her own volition, clearly it’s working. Either way, thank you for your service, Hailey.
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