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This Amazon must-have is taking the internet by storm.
After TikTok user Cailee Fischer shared a recipe for a Harvest Chicken Hash with Balsamic & Apple Cider Glaze for a series presenting meal ideas to combat PCOS symptoms, a commenter asked where she got the "oil pitcher" she used in the video.
In a response video to the comment, Fischer explained how she loves her refillable oil dispenser so much that she "can't remember life without it." That video has received over 5.4 million views.
"The amount of wasted one-time-use dishes that I have not had since getting this has honestly changed my life," Fischer says in a voice-over while a video of her filling up the dispenser with avocado oil plays. "The fact that it measures for you? I'm honestly never going back. Can all products come in packaging like this?"
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Once Fischer demonstrated the press-and-measure system of the oil dispenser, our interest was piqued. And after a quick search, we discovered that it's currently on sale on Amazon.
You can get the Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle for $17.99, but if you purchase both the bottle and the Olive Oil Spray Mister, the total is 30% off (buy it: $27.89, was $39.99). The easy-to-clean refillable spray bottle is perfect for spraying a delicate coating of oil, and the two containers together are perfect for gift-giving to your favorite home chef.
The dispenser also works with alcohol, as demonstrated by Fischer, meaning you can use the tool to measure precisely for cocktails:
So whether you're looking to add a convenient addition to your own pantry or if you're searching for an affordable gift for the upcoming holiday season, this multipurpose stainless-steel dispenser will meet your needs. We would even love to use it to store our favorite vinaigrettes!
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