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A new wave of allegations against Minecraft and YouTube sensation Clay “Dream” surfaced on October 15 when a TikTok user named Amanda shared her experience with the YouTuber.
In a set of three different TikTok clips, Amanda revealed the personal Instagram and Snapchat conversations she had with Clay from 2020 onwards and alleged that the latter groomed her. She introduced herself in the first clip by saying:
Dream was recently accused of grooming by a Twitter user named Anastasia (@oxeclean). She claimed that the internet influencer got in touch with her two years back and revealed his face to her for the first time.
She then alleged that Dream connected and “flirted” with her when she was a minor through his personal Snapchat number and Twitter account. The popular YouTuber was 21 at the time.
Following the revelation, Twitter user @karlsmeow shared three TikTok videos made by Amanda, talking about her interactions with the American internet personality.
Amanda stated that she was a part of Clay’s community before revealing Instagram direct messages:
The TikTok user then showcased Instagram direct messages over a period of four months:
Amanda emphasized that she was not faking personal conversations with Clay:
She shared the September 23 direct messages in which she connected with Clay and expressed her support. Amanda described the beginning of the conversation as “very wholesome“:
She revealed the January 2021 conversation, in which the 23-year-old YouTuber told her to get in touch with him on his personal Snapchat account:
The second 40-second long clip had Amanda revealing the Snapchat conversation dated January 17. The TikTok user explained why she did not save any messages on Snapchat:
Amanda stated that she decided to reveal her story because someone else shared their experience:
The final clip showcased Amanda sharing some explicit details about her interactions with the YouTuber:
Amanda added:
Twitter user @karlsmeow’s update amassed more than 623 fan replies, with one community member stating that Dream went from speed-running Minecraft to speed-running “cancelation.”
Here are more replies from the conversation thread:
On October 13, Dream issued a public statement regarding the grooming and pedophilia accusations through a TwitLonger post. He claimed that some private conversations with Anastasia (@oxeclean) were real.
However, in the later sections of the post, he defended himself, saying that he was not guilty of grooming.
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