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It's spooky season and pumpkins are trending again. Big pumpkins are wowing TikTok users, and pumpkin heads are very much still in.
By Jean Springer
It’s spooky season and pumpkins are, of course, trending again. Larger than life pumpkins are wowing TikTok users, and wearing pumpkin heads are very much still in. We’ve rounded up the top TikTok clips featuring the goulish gourds to get you ready for Halloween.
Could a pumpkin be the most viral vegetable ever?
One pumpkin clip has more than 37 million views alone, more than most vids with humans.
Last Halloween, TikTok made it cool to carve out a pumpkin and put it on your head. It was affectionately known as the #pumpkinchallenge.
Though the trend is no longer new, people are still doing it, and the hashtag #pumpkinphotoshoot is trending this time around. Many of the clips have more than a million views.
The trend is so potent that even celebrities like Megan thee Stallion ushered in 2022’s Halloween season by posting pics in a pumpkin head, to the amusement of 2.3 million Instagram users who Liked it
But besides the silly and creepy allure of dressing up with a gorgeous gourd, other fun viral videos with Halloween and pumpkin themes are making their way up to the top of our feeds, and we’re here for it.

The most viral vegetable videos celebrate squashes of sensational size.
One gigantic pumpkin video in particular has really racked up the views and praise on TikTok. It weighs a whopping 700 pounds and is still growing in the time-lapse shot, somehow gaining 49 pounds a day, the clip claims.
One of the commenters hit the nail on the head: “Cinderella’s carriage is almost ready.” 89 million viewers agree.
In fact, the TikTok user bigpumpki’s whole account is dedicated to getting this particular pumpkin to hit 2000 pounds. Users are anxiously along for the ride. A recent weigh-in of his prized pumpkin, affectionately named Penny, has gained up 5.2 million views and counting.
Another very viral vegetable vid features the prefect spooky season activity: pumpkin carving. The clip shows TikTok user squashcarver, whose account tagline is “I like big pumpkins & I can not lie,” cutting into a giant pumpkin. In more videos, some of which have over a million clicks, he showcases his incredible carving creations.
“Am I the only person who instantly wanted to climb in?” a commenter asked.
If one thing’s for sure, there are plenty of others climbing onboard the viral pumpkin train in time for Halloween. All aboard!
Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/anna.kam1234 & bigpumpki
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