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Oct. 14 2022, Published 8:12 p.m. ET
Nothing is as frustrating as when you hear a great song for the first time but can’t find out the name. And even in 2022, when platforms like Shazam exist, it can still be a bit of a challenge, especially on TikTok.
I don’t know about you, but I have this bad habit where I’ll hear the same audio bit being used in a handful of users’ videos. But like the fool I am, I won’t click on the audio as I listen to it.
Then days later, I’ll start randomly humming the song later and think to myself, “Wait, what was that song I kept hearing on TikTok called?”
Well, that said, there’s currently a popular audio clip of a woman singing, “He’s so pretty it hurts; baby I’m yours” on the platform.
Who sings it? And what’s the title? We’ve got the deets on it below.
Isabel LaRosa (@official_isabellarosa), who uses TikTok to share her music, uploaded a snippet of an upcoming song onto the platform. She then used it in one of her videos.
She labeled the audio clip on TikTok as “‘I’m Yours’ by Isabel LaRosa Sped Up.” (And just to clarify, this is totally separate from Jason Mraz’s song of the same name).
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In the comment section, she explained that this audio was taken from an upcoming song that she has yet to release. It’s believed that the song’s title will be “I’m Yours” as she hinted in the audio clip.
Since first sharing the nine-second audio clip of the song on Sept. 28, over 70,000 videos on TikTok have included it.
While some folks may have learned about the song from watching her video, others may have just been listening to audio clips while making a video and stumbled across it.
tate would tell her she’s so pretty it hurts #fyp #clubhousemusic #darkpopmusic #altpopaesthetic #murderhouse #tatelangdon #tatelangdonedit #lanadelrey #theneighbourhood #situationship #dancepopmusic
On Oct. 4, she shared another video using that same audio.
Isabel has not shared a release date or further details regarding the song. However, in response to a fan, she wrote, “Announcing soon, I promise.” She also noted that the song would be on Spotify.
We’ll be waiting! In the meantime, you can listen to more of Isabel’s music here.
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