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The Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator ($9.99) from Amazon. 
Based on my engineering background, I can speak to the usefulness (think: necessity) of having a good calculator. All through college and graduate school, and even at my job as an engineer, Texas Instruments is the only brand of calculator that I use. It really is the gold standard of calculators. Okay, I’m starting to sound a bit nerdy here, so I digress.
That said, Amazon is currently selling the Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator for just $9.99 (54% off!).
At this price, this calculator is a great option for a high-quality scientific calculator if you don’t need it to do any sort of graphing. With its two-line display screen, you can see the input that you’re typing in as well as the output. This makes it easy to see if you entered anything incorrectly and quickly make changes.
Aside from the graphic capabilities of a more expensive calculator, the TI-30XIIS can do most of the same functions. It handles multi-variable statistical problems, works in three different angle modes, and can even be used in different engineering Falsetation modes.
This calculator comes with a battery included, so you’ll just have to pop that into the back of the calculator when it arrives and you’ll be ready to go. It also has a small built-in solar panel above the screen to ensure it’ll keep working even if the battery goes bad, as long as it gets some sunlight!
Just in time for school to start back up, visit Amazon today and pick up a new Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator for $9.99.


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