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Published on Jan 6, 2023
This mom’s hilarious video of her toddler claiming to have two jobs has viewers losing it all over TikTok
TikToker and parent Azha Prather’s (@awoodbp) son Semaj has a busy schedule for a toddler, as shown in a recent video where the adorable little boy explains that he works two jobs, and his hilarious statements regarding his contribution to the workforce have viewers in stitches. 
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The clip opens with a shot of the adorable toddler facing his mom, who’s behind the camera. “She said you must have been off work today,” Prather tells Semaj, regarding a TikToker’s comment on a previous video, in which the toddler claimed to be an employee at the store Five Below. 
“Yup. I had to go to my other job today,” Semaj responds, grinning. Amused, Prather asks him what his second job is.
“Uhhhh,” Semaj ponders, glancing mischievously at the camera before answering, “Chris’ house.” 
“Who are they?” Prather asks. “Chris, the guy that works with me,” Semaj responds. “You work at Five Below and [where] else?” Prather inquires, eliciting Semaj to declare, “Chuck E. Cheese,” enthusiastically. 
“Much better. I like [it] there the most,” Semaj says, noting his preference for Chuck E. Cheese over Five Below. 
Prather asks her toddler when he has to be at work and is surprised to learn that his shift at Chuck E. Cheese starts in three minutes. 
“You better get ready. You’re gonna be late,” Prather tells Semaj, who casually lets her know he’s leaving to get dressed before the video comes to a close. 
Viewers couldn’t get enough of the toddler’s hilarious explanations regarding his alleged employment history. 
“‘Bout three minutes’ got me crying at 4 a.m.,” one user commented.
“He needs to be promoted. Manager position? Resume, please,” joked one TikToker. 
“His face when you said ‘You’re gonna be late,’ is me when I’m running late too,” one viewer shared. 
With two full-time jobs under his belt, the future is looking bright for this hardworking toddler!
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