Woman gets engaged to random man from TikTok: 'Let's do it!' – New York Post

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Love knows no bounds nor distance.
Ashley Haye found romance in the comments section of a TikTok, and now, the pair are engaged.
In a viral clip with 1.6 million views, the lovesick TikToker finally told her modern-day love story that all started with an innocent joke.
She posted a video originally captured one year ago, in which she’s explaining an unusual online encounter with a man named Kellen Hays from Washington. She stumbled across a video of her now-fiancé lamenting his desperate need for a vacation, eager to use his stash of personal days.
“I told him he can come to Miami with me as a joke, and he’s like, ‘Oh, when?’ ” the traveling nurse explained in her TikTok.
“I was super excited to meet him because I had no real intentions except to just have someone to join me on vacation,” Haye told The Post.
According to Haye, who hails from Illinois, Kellen messaged her privately and later booked a ticket to Miami the same day she had planned her own vacation.
“This is to meeting some random person in Miami that I met on TikTok. Let’s do it!” she exclaimed.
The video cuts to various clips of her counting down the days, hours and minutes until she gets to finally meet the mysterious man from her DMs. Despite appearing nervous to lay eyes on the stranger she jokingly invited on her trip, she’s also all-smiles.
Haye, who “wasn’t looking for a relationship” at all, told The Post that she “wasn’t nervous at all — at first.”
“But then when he actually got to the hotel before we met up, I got extremely nervous,” she admitted.
By the end of the video, the unlikely pair are united as she pans the camera toward Hays to reveal his hilarious, homemade T-shirt, which read, “Random vacation with a TikTok person, potential first 48 victim, but it was fun,” all with check marks.
But that’s not all — the back featured an embarrassing TikTok screenshot of Haye funneling whipped cream into her mouth, with the text, “If found dead, it was this b—h,” along with her username.
Haye told The Post she wasn’t worried that Kellen wasn’t who he said he was — in fact, the pair video chatted multiple times before traveling to Miami.
“When I met him he was exactly how I thought and at that time is when I knew I was looking for a relationship with him,” she gushed. “He was and is hands down the best gentleman I have ever met in my life!”
Now, the pair are engaged and slated to tie the knot in May 2024.
Thousands of users flocked to the comments section to share their reactions, some calling him “husband material.” Others said they were worried for her safety, but Haye claimed she “wasn’t even worried” about her wellbeing at all.
“Not me worried for your safety then he shows up in that shirt,” one person quipped.
“Yep he was husband material from the shirt alone!” another wrote.
“Ayooooo bro is a keeper for that shirt alone!” someone else cheered. “Congrats.”
“I feel like @TikTok should sponsor your wedding and honeymoon. This is the best story,” one user suggested.
“That shirt is gold,” someone else wrote. “I hope he wears it under his tux at the wedding.”
Haye seemed to have a similar idea, assuring the user that she told Kellen he “had to” wear the iconic shirt underneath his wedding tuxedo.
“He almost threw it away and I told him he couldn’t,” Haye wrote.
While the story might seem far-fetched, this fairytale meeting is not the first of its kind. Multiple couples have revealed their TikTok meet-cutes — and the moment they finally met in person.
In fact, a pair of lovebirds who met on the video-sharing platform united after months of long-distance admiration, tying the knot mere days after meeting.


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