TikTok’s Julie and Camilla Lorentzen Share They've Suffered Miscarriage – Yahoo Entertainment

Julie Lorentzen has experienced heartbreaking loss.
Two weeks after the TikToker announced her pregnancy with wife Camilla Lorentzen, the 27-year-old said she recently learned the embryo inside her had “stopped developing” and “could never survive outside of my uterus,” resulting in a need for what she described as “treatment for miscarriage/missed abortion.” (A missed miscarriage occurs when embryonic tissues remain in the uterus, but the embryo has died, according to the Mayo Clinic.)
Alongside a tearful TikTok video, Julie wrote on Jan. 4, “i have never been this vulnerable on the internet before & posting this is scary for me, but i know there are so many people going through this exact experience alongside us & awareness is important.”
The social media star, who started her in vitro fertilization journey in August, went on to say that she and Camilla “will be trying again in our next cycle & we will have our rainbow baby,” saying Camilla will go through the egg retrieval process again “as the embryo we have left isn’t as high in quality as we would have liked it to be.”
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Julie added, “this will be a journey for sure, but we’re so grateful to have you guys next to us throughout all of this & we will come back stronger than ever.”
The accompanying video showed raw scenes of the couple’s experience, including shots of Camilla comforting an emotional Julie.
“my queen was there for my throughout the whole thing,” Julie wrote. “i was in so much pain & she never left my side, messaging my back through the cramps & reminding me that this will make us stronger.”
Julie and Camilla have been closely documenting their IVF journey on social media after tying the knot during a Thailand wedding in July. According to one of Julie’s past vlogs, she and Camilla both underwent egg retrieval procedures, though only she moved forward with the embryo transfer process.
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