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A TikTok user has called out Taco Bell by claiming that its employee rounded up the bill without consulting. The woman, Luray, who goes by the username @imluray on TikTok, shared that a Taco Bell worker ‘stole’ her money by not consulting her before rounding up her bill.
Luray had the dreadful experience at Taco Bell in La Vale, Maryland, and the video of her explaining the incident went viral. The video amassed over 1.8 million views, and in the video, she warned her 411,000 TikTok followers that the food chain company might steal their money.
Luray explains in her video that the cashier at Taco Bell told her the order cost $30.44 in total after she placed her order at the drive-thru. So Luray paid $31 and waited for the cashier to return 56 cents. But the cashier handed over only the receipt and shut the drive-thru window. Then, she reopened the window to give Luray the order and wished her a nice day.
When Luray enquired with the cashier about her change, she said that the bill was $31 and that Luray had given the exact change. Luray was shocked and pointed out that the bill was $30.44 and asked the cashier to give her change. The cashier then changed her story and revealed that she had to round up the bill because the store had no change. The TikToker called out the cashier for not informing her about the arounding up.
In her now-viral video, Luray explains that the extra money she gave will go to the Taco Bell Foundation, which offers scholarships, grants, etc., as per their official website. The TikToker stressed that 56 cents weren’t a huge amount, but she felt offended that they didn’t bother to ask her whether she was willing to round up the bill. So it seemed like they were taking her money without her knowledge.
Many TikTok users came out in support of Luray and shared their own experiences with cashiers rounding up bills without consulting.
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I have done my graduation in history and politics. I write unique and interesting articles focused on our day to day life.
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