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Bone appétit!
Charcuterie boards have come a long way, thanks to TikTok and Instagram. Last year, many people were even taking their snack board obsession to the next level with butter boards. And while they’re the perfect idea for Bachelor nights and parties, your fur friend would like to get in on the trend as well. That’s where barkuterie board ideas come into play.
You might be wondering what a barkuterie board is. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a dog charcuterie board. Instead of arranging snacks on a board for humans, you can arrange a nice spread of dog-friendly treats for your pup to chow down on at home. Of course, most human charcuterie boards are already pet-approved, but you can find barkuterie board ideas from TikTok to make your boards more picture-perfect. For example, arrange your treats in a fun shape like a dog bone or heart to show how much you love them.
These 10 barkuterie board ideas can even provide you with some inspo on additional snacks to include aside from your pup’s fave carrots or apple slices. There are even some dog charcuterie board ideas for holidays like Valentine’s Day and their birthday. Your pup deserves to be treated, so why not put together a snack board for them to enjoy?
Lucy the dog (@thelivesoflucyandlady) celebrated her birthday this year with a barkuterie board. Since it may take a lot of treats to really fill up a dog charcuterie board, it may be too much to give to them every day. However, special occasions are always a good idea to really treat your best fur friend and what better day than their birthday. For this barkuterie board, the “happy birthday” dog bone ($8, Petco) at the center really gives it away that this is a birthday board.
If you want to put together a dog charcuterie board every time you put together a human one for yourself, you may want to go for smaller snack portions. This barkuterie board from TikToker @ellis.u shows how to place little piles of broccoli, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt onto a board so it’s just a little snack and not a full meal. This is a great idea if you have weekly Bachelor watch parties with your besties and want your pup to join in on the fun.
Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you may be looking for ideas of what to get your dog. Perhaps a Valentine’s Day-themed barkuterie board is the way to go. You can follow TikToker @opalthefluff’s lead for creating a lovely and Insta-worthy board. You’ll first want to start with themed statement pieces, like a heart-shaped dog cookie and meat roses, before you fill in the rest with your dog’s favorite treats, like mini dog bone treats ($5, Chewy).
Sometimes, all it takes is a good charcuterie board to begin with. For your pup, a bone-shaped board is a great idea. As demonstrated by TikToker @wintersxoxo_, it really ties the dog theme together. There are bone-shaped boards on Etsy ($21) as well as just dog-shaped ones ($50). You could even get a customized cheese board ($75) with your dog’s picture and name on it.
If your barkuterie board is a meal and not a snack, you may want to place their bowl of food at the center. This barkuterie board from TikToker @giovevie is arranged with a bowl of food and treats to fill in the blank spaces. Any fruits and veggies you use will add a pop color to your board.
Since you want to have your fruits and veggies small enough for your dog to safely eat, cutting them is important. Another way to make your board more picture-perfect is to cut your vegetables in cute ways. TikToker @globalcutlery not only peels the carrots into fun shavings, but also cuts the cucumber into pinwheel shapes. You could even use a dog cookie cutter ($12, Amazon) for certain fruits and veggies.
While carrots and peanut butter are always a good idea for your dog’s charcuterie board, you can switch it up with some other pet-friendly foods. For instance, TikToker @amospearce uses lamb broth cubes, which is something creative to fill in the space. You could also DIY your own homemade frozen dog treats with dog silicone molds ($8, Amazon).
A creative way to mix up your dog charcuterie boards is to channel the season. In the summer, get more colorful with your fruit choices and include some homemade pupsicles. For the winter, you can include gingerbread man-shaped dog treats ($5, Chewy) or go with red and green fruits and veggies for a Christmas-themed board. Out of all the seasons, your dog may like fall the best. TikToker @realpetsuppliesplus’ fall-themed board included pumpkin and mummy dog cookies as well as some whipped cream. The whipped cream is a must for any pup who enjoys a puppuccino for PSL season.
For TikToker @thelivesoflucyandlady’s fall barkuterie board, they add Greek yogurt and peanut butter into small dishes. Traditional charcuterie boards usually have spreads and jams at the center in small bowls. Just because it’s a board for your dog doesn’t mean you have to skip on the dips and spreads as well.
What makes a barkuterie board different than just your dog’s favorite snacks all in a bowl is that it’s organized. This is your chance to make something cute for your pup, so really have fun with arranging your snacks into fun shapes or experiementing with different colored fruits and veggies. You can also keep it simple like TikToker @iloveleoandcoco’s barkuterie board. Just remember to have each snack in its own area on the board.
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