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I’ve seen some pretty whacky skis throughout my time on the slopes. There’s your classics, like monoskis and ski blades, and then there’s the… weirder ones, like multi-person skis, 2x4s with bindings attached to them, and telemark skis. Up until today, though, I’d never seen stilted skis. Honestly, the idea had never even entered my head before today.
I have to imagine these are incredibly difficult to ride. Maybe they’re easier than standing on actual stilts, but they still have to be a challenge. This guy, though, just casually hits a box rail and somehow doesn’t fall hard on his face. I can barely even hit a box rail on my regular skis (don’t judge me, I don’t ski park that much).
Maybe I’m wrong though, maybe they would be easy. All I know for sure is that I won’t be testing my theory any time soon.
The actions in this video are performed by a professional #skitok #stilts #skiing #ski #wtf #viral #blowthisup #professional
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Image Credit: natesmith.69 via TikTok
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