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Jan. 3 2023, Published 2:03 p.m. ET
If you’ve been watching Yellowstone, you may have noticed that during Season 5, the show introduced a new character: Abby, who is played by country singer Lainey Wilson.
Lainey, known for her songs like “Small Town Girl” and “Workin’ Overtime,” is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in country music. And as of late, she’s also at the center of a new TikTok trend, which involves showing some love to your bum (yes, really!).
See how Lainey inspired this new cheeky social media fad.
It’s hard not to notice that Lainey was gifted with a fabulous voice and butt. The country songstress occasionally talks about the latter during shows and is almost always seen donning bell-bottom pants that further accentuate her curves. On TikTok, there are countless videos from her fans that zoom in on/admire her “dump truck.”
@laineywilsonmusic Saw her at the Greeley Stampede! Amazing show!!#laineywilson#laineywilsonmusic#laineywilsonconcert#Greeleystampede#funtimes#dumptruck#badonkadonk#lol
In fact, Lainey even took to TikTok said in one of her own videos that she can’t scroll through the app “without seeing my fat butt in everything.”
Yall ain’t right ? #fyp #trend #bellbottomcountry
While all this attention surrounding Lainey’s butt could be seen as offensive, the Yellowstone star seems to be cool with it. She also takes pride in her body. Seeing how confident she is in her own skin, fans are following her lead with the “Heart Like a Truck” trend.
If you aren’t familiar with “Heart Like a Truck,” it’s actually one of Lainey’s songs. The trend entails playing that song while donning bell-bottom jeans and celebrating your big ole dump trunk.
“Did Lainey Wilson just turn my biggest insecurity into my biggest flex?” wrote one TikTok user in a video that demonstrates the trend.
I hope the people from middle school that used to make fun of me for it watch this ? #laineywilson #laineywilsondumptruck #heartlikeatruck #laineywilsontrend #dumptruck #western #dumpy #westernfashion #punchy #brunette #sheridanbuckleco
Another said in a video, “My biggest flex is I’m built like Lainey Wilson.”
@laineywilsonmusic #fyp #heartlikeatruck #dumptruck #laineywilsondumptruck #laineywilsonmusic #foryou #trending
Like many of us, Lainey made a New Year’s resolution — and of course, it has to do with her rear end.
“This year’s resolution is going to be to maintain my big a– so more people can kiss it,” she wrote on Twitter. Fans found humor in this resolution and became ever further enamored by her bottom.
Maybe we should take Lainey’s lead and prioritize our bums in the new year!
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