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In just 100 days, you’ll be swimming in dough.
After the gifting season and holiday celebrations, your bank account might need a pick-me-up as you enter the new year. There are so many ways to save money in your day-to-day habits, like finding deals, cutting back on wants versus needs, and studying your money personality type for successful financial planning. But let’s face it, living is expensive these days, and saving up large sums of money is no easy feat. TikTok users are sharing a simple challenge that organizes your spare change into a stack of envelopes that eventually adds up to $10,000 in as little as 100 days. Here’s how to do the $10,000 savings in three months challenge on TikTok for an abundant bank balance in 2023.
You can totally do this challenge by depositing money to your digital savings account with your bank app, but this method can help with keeping track of your input and removing the temptation to dip into the loot. The $10,000 Savings TikTok challenge lasts about 100 days or three months and is designed to schedule small installments of savings for each day. @angelicadzz explained that, for each day, there is a designated envelope that prompts a specific amount of cash to seal away that increases in two-dollar increments. The goal is to stuff every envelope so that by the time you complete 100, you’ll have collected $10,000. That’s a big chunk of change you can use for kickstarting a solid savings account or funding exciting plans in the new year.
To prep for the challenge, you’ll need 100 self-sealing cash envelopes, a notebook to plan your savings, and to keep your phone nearby in case you need a calculator. If you want to make the setup a little more fun, you can grab colorful markers to label the deposits and fun stickers for sealing the envelopes. Lastly, you’ll need a box to store the 100 envelopes together. You’re about to collect a lot of dough, so make sure it’s secure and kept in a safe spot.
Start by planning out the savings on a sheet of paper, or you can follow a template from TikTok like this one from @godzam. Make a numbered list up to 100 to represent the days of the challenge and next to each number write dollar amounts that increase by two dollars. The savings start out easy, but as the numbers increase you’ll need to strategize your savings with a bit more intent. So, on the first day, you’ll deposit two bucks in envelope one, then four dollars in envelope two. You’ll stuff envelope 50 with $100 and on day 100 you’ll drop $200. After you map out each day, you’ll label all 100 envelopes with their cash number. Then, you’re ready to start saving.
If it doesn’t seem realistic to deposit dozens of dollars each day, every day, for 100 days, you can manage this challenge at whatever pace is possible with your budget. If your cash doesn’t flow like that, you can separate your deposits by weeks. So, on a weekend, you can take care of seven days’ worth of savings in one sitting. The planning page or challenge template will come in handy because you can fill the envelopes in whatever order you like. If there’s a week where money’s a little tight, you can complete the envelopes with lower money labels, or if you come into extra cash, you can cross off days with larger savings. The goal is simply to fill every envelope, so even if it takes you longer than three months, you’ll still come out with a major cash prize.
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