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I personally am radiating rizz
At this point, Oxford needs to release a TikTok dictionary with all the explanations of the random words that have entered our national lexicon. The latest is “rizz” – a word I’d never heard of but now simply cannot escape. Rizz is all over TikTok, but in the bellowing words of Miley Cyrusy, what does it mean – here’s the full meaning explained.
Rizz is NYC slang apparently coined by Kai Cenat, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who’s big on social media. The general meaning is basically how much game you have when trying to graft a romantic partner. You can gain rizz, like currency.
W definition! #kai #kaicenat #kailive
♬ original sound – Kai Streams
Although the phrase is only banging on TikTok recently, Kai Cenat coined it in 2021 and has made many videos explaining how to get rizz and what it is. There are three different types you can get, W, V and L – with W being the best rizz and L being the least good.
TikTok is filled with explainers of how to get rizz and methods you can do to increase it, should that be your agenda.
Unspoken rizz is an ultra rare and aspirational form of rizz that’s basically when you’re so sexy and attractive with so much game that you can attract a partner wordlessly with how much you ooze appealing rizz. I personally think I have this in spadeloads but that’s just me.
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