Outrage as TikTok ‘allowed influencer Andrew Tate to brainwash boys into hating women’… – The US Sun

TIKTOK has been accused of allowing the influencer Andrew Tate to brainwash boys into hatred of women.
Teachers and social workers blasted the video-hosting app for giving “the king of misogyny” a platform.
Tate, 36, is being held by cops in Romania with his brother Tristan, 34, and two females, accused of enslaving women into a pay-per-view sex video operation.
He has sparked outrage by saying women are a man’s property, belong in the home and bear responsibility if they are sex assault victims.
Michael Conroy, founder of Men at Work, which trains teachers to challenge sexism, said Tate is grooming young men in misogyny.
He added: Teachers are saying 14 or 15-year-olds are basically using Tate as a kind of catalyst for a ­conversation they have at school.”
Tate’s official TikTok account ­was banned in August.
But he has ­continued to flood the network and has amassed 11.6billion views.
TikTok said it is reviewing content flagged with the platform and would remove any violating its guidelines.
Tate also has 4.2million Twitter followers after new owner Elon Musk allowed him back following a ban.
He has made a fortune running an online university, where members pay £41.50 a month for his guidance.
He was held on Friday at his villa near Bucharest.
All four suspects are being kept in custody for 30 days and deny claims against them.
Ex-Playboy model Carla Howe, 32, has claimed she had a lucky escape when Tate tried to “lure” her to his Romanian home.
She told pals she was “horrified” after he was held for alleged human trafficking and rape.
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