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TikTokers are finding out what their babies could like like in the future with a popular CapCut filter that’s going viral on the app — here’s how to try it out for yourself.
Filters and effects regularly spark new trends on TikTok, generating millions of views, and getting countless users to try them out in new videos.
Some of the most popular filter that are popular on TikTok actually come from CapCut, which is a video editing platform owned by Bytedance, the same company that runs TikTok.
One effect from the app shows users what their future child might look like, and people have been going viral with videos revealing their results.
You can use the filter alone or with a partner, and the results can range from adorable to hilarious. If you want to try the filter out for yourself, here’s how to do it.
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In order to do this trend, you will first need to make sure you have the CapCut app downloaded onto your device. Then, do as follows.
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