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TikTok’s latest culinary creation sounds a little fishy.
Netizens are obsessed with caviar and Doritos — yes, you heard that right. Foodies are loading up their nacho-flavored chips with lavish fish eggs, calling the junk-meets-luxe bite “so good.”
Not to yuck their yum, but the nacho nosh doesn’t seem very appealing. Yet the search topic “Doritos and caviar” has over 409 million views on TikTok.
Vlogger Danielle Matzon appears to have kicked off the mystifying munch movement earlier this month, using Kaluga Imperial Gold caviar that typically retails $240 for a single ounce.
Grabbing a Dorito with a schmear of crème fraîche on top, she scoops a teaspoon of caviar onto the pile and takes a big bite.
“I tried this snack for the first time with my brother,” she explains in the clip that has bagged 1.2 million views. “This is the snack that he came up with.”
The caviar connoisseur, whose family runs Marky’s Caviar, even licked a caviar bump off the side of her hand — like salt after a shot of tequila.
She managed to egg on others to try the piled-high Dorito.
“Danielle ate caviar on Doritos, so I ate caviar and Doritos — mean girl voice,” one user cracked.
“I’ve never wanted to try caviar more in my life,” gushed another.
“I don’t think I could ever bring myself to eat caviar, but Lord you make it look decadent,” agreed one skeptic.
Celebrating 200k with @Doritos & @markyscaviar ?? #caviar #markyscaviar
Some TikTokers even dared to taste-test the snack hack on camera, claiming they were “influenced” and “so excited.”
Soogia, a food enthusiast with 1.5 million followers, stitched Matzon’s clip, calling the salty, cheesy combo “so good.”
In her video with 2.9 million views, she “really didn’t want to like it” since it’s not a mashup she “can afford.”
“God, that is good,” she continues. “10 out of 10. Danielle, I get it.”
“‘This is not a habit I can afford’ lmao I feel that so hard,” one TikToker agreed in the comments.
“I must try,” vowed another.
“I haven’t had caviar in a hot minute, and I don’t want it to come back in style. It’s too damn expensive,” griped someone else.
Stitch with @dzaslavsky Part 1 here➡️@soogia1 #caviar #cremefraiche #doritos #iguessillbebrokefoever
TikToker Trinh, who often posts her daring food adventures, topped more than 228,000 views on her clip. She claims chives would have been a “delicious” addition.
“This works really well because if it was just the Dorito and the caviar, it would be too salty — and the crème fraîche really tones down the saltiness,” she explained, rating the peculiar grub a 9 out of 10. “The crunch of the Dorito is nice, and then the pops of caviar…” She trailed off as she delivered a chef’s kiss.
But not everyone is sold on the stacked combo. Some complain they aren’t “boujee” enough for the high-brow bite, while others grimace at the thought of chowing down on fish eggs.
Caviar has been a staple of socialite circles for centuries. Despite claims of wide accessibility, caviar comes at a high cost, often going for hundreds of dollars a pop. The opulent speciality is loved by many, clearly, but others balk at the thought of consuming this kind of egg at that kind of price.
Meanwhile, a small bag of Doritos can retail for $2.50. It has been a staple of stoner circles for decades.


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