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These days, social media is flooded with ingenious cleaning hacks — and #CleanTok is definitely our favorite place to discover compelling new ways to clean things. Here are some of the year’s most buzz-worthy hacks, for your viewing and cleaning pleasure. 
People love their air fryers, but no one likes to clean them. The solution? Try this air fryer dishwasher pod hack for hands-free cleaning. Simply drop the pod in your unit, add boiling water, wait, and rinse. 
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The next time you have a piece of foil you’re about to toss, try balling it up and putting it in your dishwasher before running a load. The reaction between ingredients in the dishwasher detergent and the foil will lift tarnish from your silverware. Say hello to extra-shiny utensils!
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The best hacks involve items you probably already have. In this case: felt pads (that you use on the feet of furniture) and your favorite essential oil. Simply add a few drops of the essential oil to the felt and stick on the insides of your trash cans. 
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This DIY dusting spray made of olive oil, white vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil might look and smell like something you could eat (you could!), but using it to dust is a much better idea. The best part is that it also helps repel dust! 
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You’re probably familiar with the vinegar-in-a-bag method for cleaning limescale from your faucets, but this hack is so much simpler! Grab half a lemon (even if it’s used) and secure it to the end of your affected faucet. Leave for an hour, scrub a bit if necessary, and wipe those hard water deposits away.
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