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Nadine Bloch's best friend is her mom. So, when she came across the viral TikTok trend where daughters are dressing their moms up as themselves, she knew they had to participate.
“I have the hot mom so, like, obviously I’m going to use this and do this trend with her,” Bloch tells TODAY.com.
Bloch says she ran around searching for an outfit for her mom to wear. She threw sunglasses and boots at her mother as she pulled together two outfits: one for going out, the other more casual.
In a single take each, Bloch filmed two videos of her mom in the two different outfits. Her mother, Marie-France Bloch, says you can see how rushed they were while filming as she tripped in her daughter's big fluffy boots.
The daughter posted it to TikTok, not thinking much of it. But the next morning when she and her mom woke up to 3.3 million views, their jaws dropped. Since then, the Blochs’ two videos have gotten nearly 40 million views combined.
Marie-France Bloch says she thinks the TikTok trend — which has amassed nearly 260 million views in recent days — is so successful because it shows that age is just a number. She points out that clothing can reflect people's personalities in positive and fun ways at any age.
"Instead of being told that women should ‘dress their age,’ this trend expresses the freedom to look good and more importantly to feel good as we age. It’s very empowering," the mom tells TODAY.com. "It was also just a really great bonding moment between the two of us … and a real flip on when Nadine was a little girl parading around in my high heels."
The Blochs aren't the only mother-daughter team to bond over this TikTok craze. Thousands of videos of mothers dressing in their daughters' clothes have been shared. The trend also has expanded to include videos of children dressing other members of their families, such as their siblings, dads and grandparents.
Olivia Massucci, 18, says she and her mom have been filming TikTok videos together for a few years now, and her mom always jokes about how similar they are.
"We basically share closets to begin with," Massucci tells TODAY.com. "She's always borrowing my stuff and I'm always borrowing hers. So, when I saw this trend, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, we have to do this.'"
When picking an outfit for her mom, Massucci says it wasn't too hard. She went with black cargo pants and Jordan sneakers, an outfit she says she’s worn multiple times. She and her mom both have similar styles and love wearing neutral colors.
Massucci also had her mom hold a cup of coffee to complete the look, which the musical artist Yung Gravy commented on.
"Not many moms would dress up as their daughter and do a sassy walk on TikTok," Massucci notes.
For mom Tatum Massucci, 44, filming videos with her daughter brings them closer together. She tells TODAY.com that whenever a new TikTok trend arises, she tries to put a spin on it to show her mother-daughter relationship. And when she sees positive comments on her videos about her bond with her daughter, she says it makes her feel good.
“We’re friends, but we’re also mother and daughter and that’s not something you see too often,” Tatum Massucci says.
“Doing trends like this makes me realize age is just a number and doesn’t define you,” she adds. “Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to dress a certain way or stop having fun!”
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