TikTok trend backfires on Sunrise – TV Tonight

Sunrise news presenter Mylee Hogan has come under fire for an unfortunate gag in which she joked “Glenn McGrath died!”
The comment came following a segment on a tasteless TikTok trend in which younger users were pranking their parents with news that their favourite celebrity had just died, and filming their reaction.
While Edwina Bartholomew said “I personally think this is really funny, guys,” sports presenter Mark Beretta said, “That could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
“I don’t like it at all. We shouldn’t be running that. Get it off. Get it off now.”
But when Beretta teased the next segment with a Glenn McGrath appearance, Hogan awkwardly joked “Glenn McGrath died!”
“That really isn’t funny,” said Bartholomew.
“I don’t get that at all. That is so not funny,” Beretta agreed.
The moment drew social media criticism and headlines, including in the UK. Others suggested they “give her a break.”
Please, he’s just a cricketer not Royalty or a sitting president/prime minister.
A prank about anyone dying is not funny.
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