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Dec. 30 2022, Published 2:39 p.m. ET
When it comes to the food service industry in the United States, it’s important to understand the value of tipping workers in this field. Whether they’re serving you in a restaurant or delivering food to your doorstep, a little extra cash in their pocket can go a long way toward someone who, for all intents and purposes, probably needs it. Tipping someone in food service is a general rule of thumb for many places, and one TikToker has served to highlight its merit.
In mid-December 2022, a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza began posting on TikTok about what she makes in tips during her shift on a given night. Her videos have opened up the conversation on the importance of tipping and what it could mean when it comes to whether or not you actually offer tips.
Here’s what the internet has to say about this Domino’s driver’s earnings.
On Dec. 12, 2022, 19-year-old Allison aka @allison_green0 posted her first video where she chronicles how much she would make in tips that night while making her usual round of Domino’s deliveries. She made a total of 11 deliveries during this particular shift and broke down how much she was tipped during each visit. All but two of the customers she visited tipped her, and those who did offer tips gave varying amounts according to the total they paid.
Overall, she received $13 in cash and $42.29 via card payments for a grand total of $55.29. According to Allison, this amount does not include her reimbursement for gas.
At the end of the video, she states that the tips she received were “not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better.”
Many people expressed their shock in the comments upon learning that some of the customers she served didn’t offer any tips.
One person believes that people who don’t tip “should be tracked” and penalized.
Another person commented, “I don’t understand how people can be okay with not tipping.”
One person claims that even though their local Domino’s is 1.3 miles away from them, they “tip the driver $10 [and is] always worried that [it isn’t] enough.”
Since the initial video, Allison has posted several more TikToks of her delivery driver shifts and tabulates the tips she receives on each one, earning anywhere between $40 to $90 at a time.
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Though she still regularly posts other forms of content on TikTok, her Domino’s shift TikToks are some of the more popular videos on her profile, with over tens of thousands of views for each of them. In each of the comments sections, fans share their opposing thoughts on tipping food service workers, with many appalled by the idea that Allison doesn’t receive tips on several occasions.
Her ongoing experience certainly has opened up the discussion on offering fair tips to delivery drivers.
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