TikTok posts imply inequitable snow removal in Cold Spring – SC Times

COLD SPRING — On Tuesday, a former MN house candidate, Andrea Robinson, accused the city government of Cold Spring of not being equitable in snow removal. She attended the meeting after sharing footage via TikTok of a snow plow removing snow on her street but then pushing snow into her driveway while pointing at how other homes don’t have access snow being moved into theirs.
“This is the accumulation of 11 years of frustration in the delivery of public service.” Robinson told city council. “The amount of snow pushed into our [home] shouldn’t be more noticeable than anyone in our block.”
“We’ve tried everything. From reflectors, to snow blowing our lawn … with no avail. All of which quite honestly are ridiculous to take these extra steps. Quite frankly I’m just as tired of bringing these things to your attention as you are hearing them.”
Jon Stueve, public works director for Cold Spring, shared with the Times at Tuesday afternoon that because her home is close to the corner of the street, that is why more snow would land on the front of it.
“Every corner home in Minnesota is like that as far as I know,” he said.
Stueve also said he has driven in the route including her home multiple times in the last month.
Stueve attended the same city council meeting to address the issue that was brought up by Robinson and reaffirm what he shared with the Times earlier that day. This then inspired Robinson to make another TikTok post that appears to go against what Stueve said with what he shared with the council.
Robinson gained name recognition before the election as she and her family were victims of hate crime where a man drove his car into their home. Before the incident she has been advocating against bullying and racism that her biracial children have experienced in the ROCORI school district.
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Recently she ran against incumbent Lisa Demuth in the general election for Minnesota House of Representatives District 13A. One of the issues she focused on during the recent election cycle was public safety.
Robinson shared publicly that she and her family and been contemplating the possibility of moving out of Cold Spring due these recent events.
It is unspecified who the driver is in the videos that were shared by Robinson.


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