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‘You’re excused… and I’m not your BRAH’
I absolutely love it whenever a random film comes back into public awareness. Like, you’re telling me everyone’s talking about an averagely-rated movie from 2001, and spinning pure comedy gold out of it? It’s the power of TikTok.
Which is why, when everyone started making videos using the “excuse me, brah” sound, I wasn’t at all surprised. I genuinely can’t tell why it makes me giggle so much – whether it’s the emphasis on “brah”, the smouldering face you HAVE to make when you say it, or the perfectly-paired music in the background.
That being said – where exactly does the sound come from? And why has it become so popular?

11 years ago, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson starred in Zoolander; a film about two rival male models (Derek Zoolander and Hansel) and an assassination attempt. It’s about as wild as it sounds.
In a scene from the film, Derek and Hansel bump into each other, and the reception is frosty at best. Hansel says to Derek, “excuse me, brah” – to which Derek replies, “you’re excused. And I’m not your brah.”
TikTokers have been recreating the encounter using the sound, remixed with a version of Timbaland’s Give It To Me.
For some reason, this isn’t the first time Zoolander has had a *moment* on TikTok. Another clip from the film, in which Derek gives Hansel the “Zoolander stare” while a song called Who Is She X The Perfect Girl plays has also made it into a meme.

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Featured image via TikTok.
We’ve even given them a little bio
And apparently he’s good friends with Miles?!
Seven days until we get to see our Claude again!!!
‘You’re excused… and I’m not your BRAH’
Welcome to the most uniquely stressful night out of the year
You’ve definitely met a boy whose entire personality is his Boiler Room set
Not all of us can have steamy Bridgerton-style sex, sadly
It actually makes The White Lotus hotel look shabby
Yes, some of these are aimed at Ben Shapiro
Mummy? Sorry. Mummy? Sorry
It’s about time we admitted this show is nothing without Sylvie and Luc
No, Creed is not the dad
Sorry Jack Keating, but I’m only paying £42 if Ronan makes an appearance
One guy managed to spend £40,000 on drinks in one visit
I spent 10,000 minutes getting the ick apparently!
My money don’t jiggle jiggle will be etched in my brain forever
I’m still reeling
It comes out tomorrow!
Carhartt beanie boys we’re looking at you
I can’t believe they’re FINALLY married!!!
The best television in decades
Looool savage


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