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A Milwaukee library has become an internet sensation because of its hilarious TikTok account.
The latest viral video posted by the Milwaukee Public Library showed a 90-year-old woman flipping the bird at the suggestion that she was too old to check-out manga books.
The video has garnered 2.3million views since it was posted in November, and is just one of numerous creative TikToks that have been drawing viewers to the page.
An old woman flips off the camera at the suggestion she is too old to read manga books
The Milwaukee Public Library ‘s TikTok account has gone viral because of its creative videos
In the video, a woman can be seen approaching a rack of manga books at the library with the statement ‘You’re 78, you can’t read Manga,’ laid over the image.
The woman saunters up to the rack, peruses some titles, and pulls a book down.
In response to the suggestion that she’s too old to enjoy the Japanese comic genre, she throws the camera the middle finger and sticks out her tongue.
‘I’m 90’ the video then flashes, and the woman throws on a pair of sunglasses and walks off.
The old woman approaches the manga graphic novel shelf at the library
The woman is uninterested in the notion that she is too old to read manga books
Having told the camera off, the woman throws on a pair of sunglasses and walks off with her book
Across TikTok and Instagram the video has amassed more than 10million views.
It is just one of many videos the library has been using to try to lure customers into perusing its shelves.
The city’s libraries recently reopened with full service after the pandemic, and just last month nearly experienced a $1.9million funding cut, and has been using social media to try to promote itself.
Other videos include one edited to make it appear the rapper Saweetie is strutting through the library to go use its bathroom, employees using archival materials to solve a mystery in a mock-Stranger Things episode, and poking fun at customers using self-checkout to slyly pick up erotic novels.
Inside the Milwaukee Public Library, which only recently returned to full service after the pandemic 
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The elderly woman in the Manga video is the grandmother of 38-year-old library employee Fawn Siemsen-Fuchs, who is in charge of organizing the videos.
Siemsen-Fuchs writes the content for the videos and finds volunteers to appear in them.
She works with Derek Reilly, 32, a research and policy coordinator who films and edits the TikToks. 
‘People probably wondered if our content was going to be good or engaging based on the fact that we’re both in our 30s,’ Reilly told the Wall Street Journal.
He said that their experience working at the library helps them shoot engaging videos.
‘I don’t think an intern, someone that’s not familiar with the library, could create this content,’ he said.
Visits to the library and library-card sign-ups have increased in recent months, the library told the Wall Street Journal, but it is unclear whether or not its social media is to thank because its popularity coincided with the branches’ reopening.
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